Mayor Tarah Probst

November 16, 2017

Hello, I’m Tarah Probst, and I’m running for Pennsylvania’s 40th Senate District representing Monroe and Northampton Counties.

3 years ago I was elected the first Female mayor of Stroudsburg, and I was recently re-elected by a wide margin.

Hunter & OtisI was born and raised in East Stroudsburg and have lived in northeast Pennsylvania all my life. I was raised by my mother, my grandmother and my aunt, along with my 3 brothers. I earned my Law degree from Widener University School of Law in 2003 and my Bachelor’s degree from King’s College in 1992. While I lived in the Wyoming Valley for some time, Stroudsburg was always home. I moved back to Stroudsburg in 2010 and we bought our home in 2013. My husband Don and I were married in 2017 and have 5 children.

I’ve spent my career in marketing, helping business owners grow and connect. My career has had me talking with people, understanding their needs and helping them. That is what I do, and I will continue to do it in government. In 2016 I left the corporate world to open a downtown restaurant to support our town and to be a part of the community I serve. I’ve learned so much and have done so much as mayor and as a business owner. I will take that experience to Harrisburg.

I entered politics when my local school board decided to close 2 elementary schools, including my son’s. Although I have always been politically minded and active, my real political activity began when I led a strong public opposition to the school closings. Despite a strong effort with credible analysis and wide public support, we lost that battle. But, that wasn’t the end of it.

We successfully unseated the five misguided one-term incumbents and elected public-minded board members who support education. Local officials and citizens came to me in 2015 and asked me to run in a special election for Mayor of Stroudsburg. After considering it and discussing it with my family, I agreed, and in that same 2015 municipal election I was elected the first female mayor in over 200 years of Stroudsburg’s history.

Our mayor position requires few duties and could be performed essentially as a figurehead position, but I approach it as a full time job and an obligation to serve my town. As mayor, I’ve been fiscally responsible and have provided significant savings to our taxpayers. I work with our citizens and businesses every day to address their concerns and solve their issues. I have brought significant positive change and business growth to Stroudsburg, along with increased media attention. I have created social media outlets and have promoted our businesses and our many events. I’ve worked hard to make our town a better place to live, work, and visit.

In my work as mayor, I have also worked on many issues facing our greater region. I have worked with other municipalities, our county commissioners, and with our legislators in Harrisburg and Washington to address regional issues we all face.

It’s this background, experience, drive and determination, along with my proven leadership that will help me serve the people of Northampton and Monroe Counties in the 40th Senate District.

Thank you for your support.

Tarah Probst


  • Stroud Area Regional Police Commission
  • Stroudsburg Borough Streets Committee
  • Founding Member I-80 Task Force
  • Stroudsburg Borough Codes Committee
  • Participating Community Member – Pocono Ambulatory Surgical Center Quality Control Board
  • Member of the Stroudsburg Downtown Business Association
  • Founder of Stroudsburg Borough Public Relations Committee
  • Founder of Stroudsburg Quaker Alley Community Park Project
  • Founder of Stroudsburg Concerts in the Park

Since I took office as mayor in January 2016, here are some of my accomplishments:

  • With the help of borough council I brought attention to several money saving options from saving money on interest for our new firetruck, which we needed and bringing the RFP process into our banking which saved us thousands for the borough.
  • With the help of borough council we are moving into the 21st century with debit or credit card parking meters.  No more feeding the meter all day long, you can do it from your phone.
  • I proposed the snow removal for businesses to go right to the borough instead of a district justice. The business owners were getting unfair fines and that process has changed for the betterment of hardworking businesses.
  • I have fought against the panhandlers working with SARP and brought attention to our 1983 ordinance against harassment, disorderly conduct and others forms of preventing the nuisance. Panhandling still exists, but has been curbed tremendously with the help of SARP and public awareness of their rights.
  • I was a strong supporter of the new Rite Aid project on lower Main St. This will employ 35 people for local income tax, a great tax assistance to our borough, changing the parking code to be business friendly for other companies to take a serious look at Stroudsburg without a “sea” of asphalt for a parking lot. They are cleaning up lower Main with lights, park benches and changed the design of the building to suit Stroudsburg. We had push back from 3 other borough council members, but the constituents spoke and we listened and so proud Rite Aid is happening.
  • Myself and Erica McCabe started Concerts in the Park. What a success in 2016 and 2017. This  concert event ran 10 weeks each summer.   What a great way for families to listen to live music, celebrate the arts and a special thanks to Origins Gallery for their chalk art and our streets department for letting us close Monroe Street.
  • I applied to PennDOT for the “Specialty Signs” off of our exits to direct tourists to our county seat.
  • I was relentless with the county commissioners to give me at least a little piece of Quaker and 6th St. for a community park. After help from Edie Stevens, Brian Bond and Zech Strausser, among others, we were able to come to an agreement for a 35×35 beautification project to get that part of town cleaned up. Thank you commissioners!
  • We have an I-80 committee that has worked on minimizing the damages of the 80 project, working vigorously to ensure Stroudsburg’s voice is heard. I have been to Harrisburg and back on this issue and will not stop fighting it. I have given alternative ideas, which are a better solution.
  • I have been to Harrisburg in regards to getting the train back in operation for commuter options. This is the first time in 30 years it is moving up the chain of command and Congressman Cartwright is working vigorously to get this up and running.
  • Stroudsburg businesses have never looked better. Growth in our borough from Wonderland Fun Center for kids, to wineries and hard cider for adults among new restaurants and clothing stores. Keep it up and shop local!
  • I am working on grants with the help of Brian Bond for a phone app for Stroudsburg to beautification on our streets with environmental benefits.
  • I have been in the paper and on the news to fight the speeding in our borough. We are doing traffic studies and possible speed bumps in residential sections to keep our community safe.  I was able to secure speed trailers to bring this awareness to drivers.
  • I am on a mission to keep our streets clean and getting press coverage reminding dog owners to be responsible for their waste clean up and reminding them that there is a $300 fine if they don’t.
  • We are working hard on our paving projects. Second St.  Sarah St. are happening within the next 5 months and Ann St. will happen when the sewer line is repaired.  Ann St. will not be until 2019.
  • I co-sponsored a letter to Washington D.C. trying to save Planned Parenthood. They helped over 2,000 Monroe county citizens (men and women) for cancer screenings, yearly exams and more.  This is the only facility for low income citizens to get help and I will continue to fight for this.
  • Erica McCabe and I started the Stroudsburg Borough Facebook page to keep everyone aware of “happenings” in the borough. We have over 1,000 followers.
  • There are other accomplishments, but what I feel is the most important is that I listen to all my constituents. Being Mayor is being for the people and no matter what political party, no matter what circumstance, I try and do what is best for everyone and I am proud to have support from citizens of our town and outside of our town.