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By Patrick Campbell / Pocono Record writer
Posted Nov 17, 2017 at 3:19 PM
Updated Nov 17, 2017 at 3:19 PM

STROUDSBURG — Just two years after becoming Stroudsburg’s first female mayor, Tarah Probst announced on Thursday she is running for the state senate in 2018.

Probst says her decision to run for the senate seat in District 40 is spurred by what she considers a lack of progress from current legislators.

“I’m excited, more importantly I’m determined,” said Probst, who also has no intentions of stepping down as mayor of Stroudsburg should she win. “I will get things done. I say that because I’ve just watched nothing happening.”

Probst will run as a Democrat, as she has in her two campaigns for Stroudsburg mayor. She says she had been considering running since April and made the final decision to run because she felt not enough was getting done.

District 40′s current representative is Senator Mario Scavello (R). This is Sen. Scavello’s first term in the senate, but he was the representative for the 176th District in the House of Representatives for 12 years. When asked, Scavello declined to comment on a potential opponent until after primaries.

“There is going to be a primary there and the voter will decide who they want in that primary, but I wish her well,” Scavello said.

Probst says one of her biggest priorities, should she be elected, will be lowering taxes while maintaining the strength of public schools in the region.

“One thing every person complains about is taxes in Monroe County. If you put more money back in the pockets of Monroe County citizens, they will spend it in their area,” Probst said. “We have strong teachers and strong school systems. There’s ways to fund education and ways to do it without burdening taxpayers.”

Probst has been the mayor of Stroudsburg, the county seat, since being elected in 2015. She feels that her stance in favor of educators is something that appealed to constituents on both sides and helped win her the election.

Another one of Probst’s platforms will be promoting equality and defending civil liberties. During her time as mayor, Stroudsburg passed an ordinance establishing a human relations commission to prevent any person from becoming victims of discrimination.

Other priorities for Probst include minimizing any negative impacts of the I-80 expansion project and bringing a commuter train back to the area.

“A train makes sense. Every major city has it, we don’t,” Probst said. “That commuter, passenger rail train is going to be a key to buying up the rest of our foreclosures and getting taxpayers back on the books and staying here.”

Probst just won her reelection bid for Stroudsburg mayor earlier this month. Probst says she has no doubt she could handle both roles and that she has unfinished business in the borough.

“I need to finish what is started in Stroudsburg because, if I do that, it will help all of Monroe County,” Probst said. “Stroudsburg elected me overwhelmingly and I owe them to finish what I started.”

According to state law, no Senator or Representative while elected be appointed to any civil office in the commonwealth if a salary is attached. Probst says in order to meet these guidelines she would have to forfeit her salary as mayor, something she has no issue with.

In addition to being mayor, Probst also owns the Charcuterie on Main Street in Stroudsburg. Probst is a graduate of King’s College and received a law degree from Widener University School of Law in 2003.

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