Tarah with Senator Casey and Rep Madden

Probst holds meet-and-greet with Casey | Pocono Record

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Stroudsburg Mayor and gubernatorial Democratic State Senate candidate, Tarah Probst, held a meet-and-greet and canvassing event on Saturday afternoon at her campaign headquarters that also featured a special guest.

U.S. Senator Bob Casey was also on-hand at the event where the two democrats talked about current issues and the upcoming elections. For Probst, who is running against State Senator Mario Scavello (R-40) in the upcoming election, the event offered a chance to connect with voters and inform the electorate of her positions on a myriad of topics.

Probst stood in the center of a crowded room and spoke to a group of voters about healthcare, Pennsylvania’s economy, taxes and failed promises of other politicians.

Casey also spoke to voters in attendance and echoed many of the same sentiments as Probst. Casey also commented on Trump’s upcoming visit to Wilkes-Barre, stating he expects the President might throw a verbal jab his way.

After the meet-and-greet portion of the event was over, a canvassing event was scheduled to take place with Probst and volunteers for her campaign. More information on Tarah Probst and her campaign for State Senate can be found at TarahProbstForSenate.com

Source: Probst holds meet-and-greet with Casey | Pocono Record